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Monday, July 31, 2006

Answers - #8

FourDinners also asked:

"Are there many Officers like the (ex) one we've got at work from Deepcut? (intimidating bully who's going to lose some bits of his anatomy when he transfers to our shift. If he behaves as he does on his current shift his balls will be leaving via the top of his head)"

Erm - I suppose like any large organisation there will always be a few people who reach a level of management which they shouldn't have reached. Most of our officers these days are actually very good although sometimes the more junior officers can overestimate their own importance.

The stereo-type of the public school boy turned officer who has a private income is to a large extent totally misplaced these days. These days they tend to come from all sorts of backgrounds and fewer and fewer talk with plummy accents.

P.S My ultimate test for any officer is - "Would I single handedly storm a machine gun position if this person asked me to." I.E - if they asked me to do something fairly suicidal would I do it. There are probably three officers I've worked for in the last 12 years who if they asked I would trust that it really needed doing and there was no other way.


Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

I've spoken to him and said "Behave yourself on this shift sunshine".

He's very nice to me. Always has been.

I've a feeling I'll be sharing a few understandings with him over the next few weeks.

4:37 pm  
Blogger Earth Girl said...

The MD at my former charity was a former Brigadier. He was the archetypal toff officer with exceedingly loud speaking voice and palpable air of authority. He was very nice to the staff though and always did the rounds on a Monday greeting his minions individually and chatting about the weekends football results – he was football obsessed.

2:10 pm  
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