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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sleeping Out

I'd been camping before I joined the army. In my foolish and naive mindstate I think I honestly believed that being on exercise (i.e out with the army in the countryside) would be a bit like camping. More fool me. I must admit I enjoyed my first night sleeping out with only a thin plastic sheet between me and the stars. Waking up with dew on your face was almost worth doing. Getting woken up to walk around the area that we were sleeping in with a pick handle to ward off any intruders wasn't quite so cool, especially at three in the morning. Neither was presenting all our equipment in a pristine state the following morning, an easy task back in barracks but not so much fun when there is mud, dirt, dust, leaf mould, and any other number of natural "dirty" products in close proximity to your kit.

Still at least it never rained...........


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