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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I'm now trying to remember how I changed from being a civvy to becoming one Her Majesty's finest. If truth be told I can't remember at what point the transition took place. I remember lot's of confusion and lots of shouting. I remember folding clothes in my locker until they were all the same size, I remember ironing creases where I'd never put creases before, and I remember making things shine that surely had no reason to shine...ever. I also remember things being thrown out of windows because they weren't the same size (I beg to differ), they weren't ironed properly (I beg to differ) or they didn't shine enough (I beg to differ).

Today they might call it bullying - I never once felt bullied. Hard worked perhaps but we learnt what was required. We learnt who could iron and who couldn't - those who stayed were generally the ones who learnt who could do what and helped each other.

At any rate - whenever it happened I changed - and it didn't take long.


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