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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Crawling doesn't sound difficult does it. After all it's the first movement that we make as a child. Crawling in the army isn't as much fun. When someone is shooting at you - whether it be real or not - crawling becomes quite important. During my second stint of training I learnt the importance of crawling. Weighed down with equipment and with a rifle in your hand crawling becomes much more difficult. Instructors bawling at you, your lungs bursting with the effort every inch gained takes it toll. You raise your head and realise how far you still have to go. Arms and legs struggle to propel yourself along the ground. A sudden burst of effort to gain a few more feet. One final push and then you rise - your rifle set for automatic fire. A burst of blank rounds into the enemy position. You've captured your objective. You take cover again to prevent yourself becoming a target. Lungs struggle to get some oxygen back into a weary body. A period of recovery as it becomes someone elses turn to advance. And then back into the fray.......


Blogger Maria said...

Are you in the army for England or the USA?
Could you please email me your blog to
I want my son to read it.
Thanks so much for your work

5:07 pm  

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