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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Covering Up

Having dug a hole deep enough, wide enough and long enough you then attempt to fit together some corrugated iron, fit it in to said trench and hey presto somewhere to live.

Now I don't know which genius in the army thought that living in a hole in the ground was a good idea but they never really thought it through.

Fair enough when you are ensconced in said hole in the ground bullets and bombs are less likely to upset your day. But let's face it holes in the ground have a nasty tendency to fill up with water when it rains. Water companies use trenches to catch water.

Having read a lot of literature about the First World War I have no reason to complain. I have never stood in 2 foot of liquid mud for 3 days. I hope I never have to. Standing in 2 inches of cold water for 12 hours nearly finished me. I don't think todays generation would survive a re-run of 1914-1918.


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