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Monday, July 25, 2005


Eventually I was met by my Platoon Sergeant who seemed very underwhelmed by the latest addition to his platoon.

More time hanging around and eventually I was shown to my room. I was issued my regulation two sheets, two pillows, two pillowcases, two blankets, and mattress (check it carefully for piss stains - you don't want to get billed for it - I was advised).

A senior private was assigned to look after me. He took me away and introduced me to some of the other single soldiers. They seemed to be ordinary blokes not the 7 foot tall demons I'd been expecting. They came from all over the country. Many of them were younger than I was. But they all had one thing over me - experience. Be it two weeks or two years - they knew more than I did.

I was assigned my block job which funnily enough for the new bloke happened to be cleaning the toilets and then I was on my own. I unpacked my bags and sat on my bed. This was now home.


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