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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

War Crimes

I'm writing this post in a semi-masochistic frame of mind. I don't think I am capable of expressing my thoughts on this subject in a way that will not bring down a diatribe of abuse and misunderstanding. Can I first say that in no way do I condone or justify abuse of civilians in any situation. Sorry in case anyone missed that, in no circumstances do I condone or justify abuse of civilians in any situation.

Today a number of soldiers were formally charged on various counts relating to abuse of civilians and prisoners in custody. I have no problem with this - if guilty they deserve to suffer the full weight of the law. What is annoying me, many others like me, and is seriously affecting morale is the fact that these accusations date back two years and have taken so long to come to account. Some of those facing charges had nothing directly to do with the allegations and face having their careers ruined because a soldier under their charge many miles away may or may not have committed an offence. Regardless these soldiers careers will be affected.

The MOD has done itself few favours in its handling of this. It satisfies neither those who see the majority of our actions in Iraq as illegal nor those who feel this has become the search for a scapegoat in our forces post Abu Gharaib.

Rant over - expect resumption of normal posting shortly.


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