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Friday, August 26, 2005

Are You Shooting At Me?

As a rifle bullet passes close by you it makes a sharp cracking sound. The more traditional "bang" comes from the business end of the weapon.

One day we were out on patrol in a hardline estate in West Belfast. The ceasefire had not long been broken and everyone was on edge. Not just us but the local population as well. They'd become used to streets unadorned by army patrols.

There were four of us patrolling down the street, two on either side, taking it in turns to swing around and walk backwards for a while to cover the rear. We'd been out on patrol for maybe half an hour when it happened.

A sharp crack and me and the Sergeant in charge of the patrol droppped to the ground quickly taking cover behind garden walls. I spun around to see if either of the blokes behind us had seen where the shot had been fired from. One of them was smirking and the other was almost rolling on the floor with laughter.

A car had driven over an old Coca Cola bottle right next to us. The result - a sharp cracking sound.

Sheepishly we stood up and continued our patrol.


Blogger Monica said...

Oh man, I would have cried!!!! with laughter of course!

5:35 pm  
Anonymous Z said...

With a PHEW no doubt.

9:55 pm  
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