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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Stag

In recent posts I've used the term 'stag' and it appears to have created some confusion. Someone even misread it and thought I'd managed to keep Mrs Soldier amused in the bedroom for two hours. If only. So here is the explanation.

Stagging on, or being on stag, implies being on duty. Not necessarily being at work but being responsible for something. You can stag on in a trench or shell scrape and ensure that the 'enemy' don't sneak up on you. You can stag on the radio and make sure that messages are replied to. Back in camp you can stag on the front gate and check ID's and man sangars. You can even stag on the bosses phone while he is at lunch.

Stagging on is never a good thing.


Anonymous Mrs Soldier said...

I wouldn't say that you haven't been close to two hours your good but not that good.Not that i'm complaining. Keep up the good work

8:32 pm  
Blogger Monica said...

Well, remember Mrs. Soldier..the kids are leaving town for a bit soon, right?

6:10 pm  
Anonymous Laura said...

Here's a game I've played: turn on the music to your favourite tunes. For one song, he gets to do whatever he likes to you; for the next song, he has to be completely passive and you get to play. The point is to prolong the play. Take turns until you can't stand the waiting any more, and lordy, will it be gooood after all the build-up.

Our current record, my hubs and me? FOUR HOURS.

Beat that...heh, heh, heh

8:55 pm  
Blogger Universal Soldier said...

Laura - thanks for the tip. Mrs Soldier is moving the hi-fi as we speak.

7:46 am  
Anonymous Laura said...


9:57 pm  
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