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Friday, January 20, 2006

Tabasco Or Not Tabasco That Is The Question

Living out of a vehicle was very different to living out a rucksack.

When you are living out of a rucksack you took care of yourself. Not in a selfish way but you looked after your own stuff, cooked what you wanted to eat, when you wanted it.

Living out of a Warrior everything was done together. Including cooking.

Now most of the time this just meant that everyone's boil in the bag rations were heated up at the same time. But every once in a while people would get creative.

Which was nice.

Unless your idea of a creative cooking menu goes like this:

Preparation: 5 minutes (less if someone else is opening the packets)
Cooking: 15 minutes (less if you prefer the dish without a 'caramalised crust'.

1 x Lancashire Hot Pot boil in the bag.
1 x Chicken with Pasta boil in the bag.
1 x Corned Beef Hash boil in the bag.
1 x packet 'Biscuits Brown'
1 x packet powdered soup
1/2 bottle Tabasco sauce (yes I did say 1/2 bottle)

1. Mix all ingredients together in pan.
2. Burn to bottom of pan.
3. Serve.

Apparently it was called 'Curry Surprise'.

I suspect the surprise was that it tasted nothing like curry.


Anonymous Growing Up said...

That sounds horrible. What did it taste like. Half a bottle did you have a roof at the top of your mouth after eating that. Not my idea of a curry.

5:25 pm  
Anonymous Kath said...

Just a 1/2 bottle? You must not be from the Southwest then (U.S. that is!) :o)

Your dish sounds.... groovy.

5:26 pm  
Blogger PI said...

I suppose if you're really , really hungry...?

5:31 pm  
Blogger Katy Newton said...

I'd give that a go. And I can cook properly, me, like Delia. But then I still secretly think there's nothing like a chicken pot noodle for a quick pick me up.

5:49 pm  
Anonymous Z said...

Yeah pi. Like REALLY hungry.
You lot need a student cookbook ;)

5:50 pm  
Blogger Universal Soldier said...

GU - the taste was, erm, indescribable.

Kath - groovy was one word for it.

PI - no not even that hungry.

Katy - Chicken Pot Noodles are for wimps. I'm more of a Bombay Bad Boy myself.

Z - some of us. I, of course, am a master chef. I'm sure GU will back me up there. ;)

6:43 pm  
Blogger Katy Newton said...

I haven't taken on the Bombay Bad Boy yet. And now that Golden Wonder have gone bust perhaps I never will.

Oh no - do you think that's the end of the Pot Noodle?

10:41 pm  
Anonymous Jamie said...

That sounds very much like what will happen next month when I move out to my own place (albeit with roommates) for the first time. Only I'll probably have loads of I'll be seeing my dry curry over and over and over again.


Do post more recipes. I shall start a little book.

11:49 pm  
Blogger Just Jane said...

It's the after effects that worry that confined space and all.

11:28 am  
Blogger Universal Soldier said...

Katy - that thought has ruined my weekend, thank you.

Jamie - will do!

Jane - funnily enough 'Biscuits Brown' are notorious for bunging you up. It's the return to camp and fresh food that is truly awful.

12:35 pm  
Blogger Haggiswurst said...

Curry of a different variety sounds like! The 1/2 of tabasco and a piping hot result would mean it is edible but your description of 'undescrible' sounds apt!

Bon appetit!

1:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAhaha...and Im surprised the dumplings never made it in there. Now the buscuits brown are clearly there to prevent you all having to goto the toilet for the next week...

8:17 pm  

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