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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And You Are?

Prior to the breakup of Yugoslavia there had been one army - the JNA. As the country split so did the army. Which was going to make things interesting.

"Erm excuse me Mr Heavily-Armed-Sort of Soldier would you mind awfully telling me whether you are a member of the ARBiH, MUP BiH, TO, HOS, Green Berets, Patriotic League, VRS, JNA, Arkan's Tigers, White Eagles, Scorpions, HVO or HV?"


Blogger MuppetLord said...

Perhaps flash cards would have been appropriate.

6:11 pm  
Blogger PI said...

I had 28 years of exposure to initial labels and the only one that stuck was MOD.

7:11 pm  
Anonymous Hugh said...

oh i work in an place that just thrives on TLA's
three letter get the picture, plus i can't spell acronym?

8:01 pm  
Blogger Universal Soldier said...

ML - it wasn't nearly as bad as when they had an election - I think there were over 50 parties - all with abbreviations.

PI - I live with them day in and day out - it's almost possible to converse in abbreviations in the army.

Hugh - we once had an officer who loved his TLAs - it took him a very long time to twig what TLA stood for though - he checked all of the manuals.

9:19 pm  
Blogger Just Jane said...

I can see I am going to have to concentrate VERY hard if I am to learn.

Yeah gods!

9:30 pm  
Blogger tideliar said...

Sounds a bit like that scene from "Life of Brian"...

Excuse me, are you the People's front of Judea...


10:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahah tide ur brain is awesome

2:48 am  
Blogger Universal Soldier said...

Jane - that's what I thought.

Tideliar - that's pretty spot on actually.

6:47 am  
Blogger Nick said...

It's nearly as bad today - except that they aren't fighting of course.

In Croatia in Tudjman's day they used to say that if you gather enough people for a dinner party you might as well turn them into a political party - because everyone else has. (It's not quite so bad now, I'm told, but I'm not sure I believe it.)

2:04 pm  
Anonymous Stu Savory said...

Still better than those one-party systems where the party is always right :-(

FYI, the East german party song was called "Die Partei, die Partei, die Partei (hat immer recht)". There's a sound-byte(sic!) of it on my sidebar.


4:06 pm  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Tideliar's got it in one...

5:59 pm  

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