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Friday, June 02, 2006

Murphy's Laws For The Army - Number Fifteen

The worse the weather, the more you are required to be out in it.


Blogger The Boy said...

I think that counts as a universal law, not solely proscribed to the army...

5:19 pm  
Anonymous Rob said...

Conversly its always sunny when you are stuck inside. *grumble*exams*grumble*

6:05 pm  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Heard a song today from the 60's I think n thought of you n the mrs. It was called "Soldier Boy" n was by somebody or other that sounded like the Shangri-La's but wasn't....what am I wafflin' about? dunno...anyroad it was sunny here so there!

9:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

soldier boy is by by tha shirelles that isnot prlly how u spellir but my da nos tha song

3:44 am  

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