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Monday, July 03, 2006

Phew What A Scorcher!

If, like me, you've spent the last few days sweltering* and on occasion moaning about how hot and sticky it is then just pause and think about this:

In Basra today it is 45C (that's about 110F), at night time it gets down to a cooler 30C.

There are blokes today sat in the back of what is effectively a large, well insulated metal box (otherwise known as a Warrior Fighting Vehicle). This doesn't have any air-conditioning.

As well as their full uniform they will be wearing body armour, helmet and webbing.

On the flip side, the pie-eaters amongst them are likely to lose a bit of weight.

* - For overseas readers it's been warm here for the past week - reaching 30C - that's over 80F - and boy are we unused to it.


Anonymous Kath said...

Yikes that is high. It's been hovering around 95-95 F lately, but that's Texas for you.

9:22 pm  
Blogger cookie monster said...

im a fat bastard so i sweat when its normal, so this hot spelll has been a bugger. still at least ill be a svelte figure of manhood when its done!

and if these Warrior Fighting Vehicles odnt have air-con, do they at least have portable dvd players and a mini fridge full of Strongbow?

1:51 am  
Blogger the Beep said...

me too, cookie.

And what about those poor buggers who were marching through town on sat... were you in that lot US?

10:12 am  
Blogger The Boy said...

Lordy its hot. I may not be in the back of an armoured fighting vehicle, but our AC packed it in, and at the moment my "office" is a tiny back room with no windows. Horrid.

10:40 am  
Blogger Growing Up said...

As US knows we had to travel over 2hours on Saturday in that heat with no air con in our car it was bloody hell.

12:10 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Poor loves. I hope they have masses of liquids. First sign of dehydratioj is a headache and if you feel thirsty you've left it too long.
Just saying!

6:55 pm  
Blogger Lou Lou said...

at least it'll be back to rain in a few days, i miss rain i can't remember when it rained last

6:58 pm  
Blogger Universal Soldier said...

Kath - I don't mind the heat too much myself.

Cookie - unfortunately not.

The Beep - yup I saw them but thankfully I wasn't one of them.

The Boy - ouch - sounds like where I work now.

GU - fun wasn't it?

PI - pee clear once a day!

Lou Lou - I think we're going to get a downpour tonight.

8:32 pm  
Blogger Katy Newton said...

I am so hot and sticky!

But at least I am not in the big metal box thing in full body armour. Poor sods.

8:35 pm  
Anonymous Stu Savory said...

If I read the Good Book correctly, Heaven is actually hotter'n Hell ;-)

9:06 pm  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Heathrow reached over 100 in certain exposed areas the other day. I avoid the exposed areas.

5:05 pm  
Blogger Lou Lou said...

yeah but i didn't- but then we did actually get a little today, lastest all of 10 minutes now it's 30 degs still

3:59 pm  

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